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SK Shopping Guide

So, I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (the #1 place name mentioned on American sitcoms when they need a funny-sounding city to make some sort of Canadian joke. Hi, writers of How I Met Your Mother!)

Saskatoon is known as the Paris of the Prairies.
Not just because of the excellent macarons, although we do have those here, too.
(Note: it's because we're on a river, with lots of bridges)

I've lived in Saskatoon for 5 years, and have spent quite a bit of time figuring out what are the best places for amazeballs shopping and beauty/health services. And what kind of shopaholic in remission would I be if I didn't share this info with you (my readers, many of whom don't live in Saskatoon, but now you know where to go when you come here to vist me)?

(*Note: these are all, to the best of my knowledge, independent stores which are always more fun to shop in than impersonal chain stores)

Alchemy - for locally made clothes, rockabilly and retro clothes/accessories, and amazeballs baby clothes with SKULLS ON THEM

The Better Good - for eco-friendly chic clothes, accessories, jewellery and doo-dads (and TOMS shoes!)

Durand's - for pricey, but totally worth it, investment footwear

Green Hills Massage Therapy - for all of your sore muscles, and relaxing therapeutic wonderfulness

Lilypad Spa - for your lashes, nails, toes and all your pampering needs (also eco-friendly!)

Luna + Hill - for cute eco-friendly clothes and accessories, Butter London nailpolish, and indie rock good times

McNally Robinson - cute bookstore + fabulous little giftie ideas + the best cake in town? Ooh, and they have those cute book-cover Out of Print tees too!

Modern Dame - for your retro-inspired vintage party dress and/or fancy undergarment needs

Regel Hair Artistry - if you want amazing hair like me!

Soulaio - for delicious caramel cocoa and lemonade, as well as fancypants organic, local ingredients and products (and paninis) (and macarons) (and soup)

Tonic - for not-too-expensive pretty dresses and accessories

Do you own a Saskatoon store and/or business? Drop me a line at <annabelle(at)shoppingdetox(dot)com> and I can review your store on my website!

1 comment:

Anne @ Unique Gifter said...

Sort of to your point about being referenced in American sitcoms, I have a ridiculous desire to eat drive through perogies in Sask. Honestly. I talk about it all the time.
My brother lives there now and one day I will go visit, mostly for the perogie adventure.

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