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I currently accept the following types of paid advertisements:

Sidebar placements
Footer placements
Sponsored posts

I'm happy to discuss advertising on an individual basis. Send along an email with the rate you have in mind.

Email: annabelle (at) shoppingdetox (dot) com

Ad Payment Policy: Rates are payable by PayPal and links or posts will go live on the site after payment is received.

 Terms and Conditions: I provide no guarantees to the amount of page views, clicks or traffic you will receive as a result of the links. Advertising fees must be paid in advance through Paypal and are non-refundable. The ads will appear for the agreed duration starting the day payment is received. I reserve the right to reject or remove any ads with or without cause. In the rare event that your ad is removed you will be reimbursed a pro rata amount from the original fee.
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