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The yachting look for less

Brigitte Bardot serves up equal amounts of nautical stripes and sex kitten

So, you know how stores divide their year into seasons? It goes from spring clothes (in the winter) to summer clothes (in the spring) to back-to-school (WHICH I LOVE!!) in the summer... etc.  Basically, they're always bringing in new stock a few months before you actually want to wear the stuff.

And then, at the end of the season where you will be wearing these clothes, they all go on sale to make room for the next season. This means you can get good deals on winter clothes in the late winter/early spring, good deals on summer clothes in the early fall, and on and on it goes.

Jen Seberg bring pixie realness to her nautical stripes

But within this strict hierarchy is a season you may not have noticed exists: Cruise Season. Now, I've never been on a cruise, but judging at what fills the stores during Cruise Season, those ships are filled with people wearing nautical stripes and things with images of anchors and whales on them.

If you're like me? That's how you dress YEAR ROUND. Which is what this post is about -- you can get the best selection (and deals!) on nautical striped garb RIGHT NOW, i.e., the end of January. I was just in The Gap, where all of their Cruise Wear is currently on sale. Same at Joe Fresh and likely other stores as well.

James Dean gives nautical stripes a menswear twist

Basically, the end of January for nautical stripe fans like me, is like the rest of the year for anybody who is size XS with size 6 feet -- everything is on sale that you love! So get yo' stripes on, me hearties. Here are more pics for your nautical stripespiration:

Jackie O combines her tradmark sunnies with white cuffed short-sleeved nautical stripes

Jean Seberg shows nautical stripes go just as nicely with dresses as in tops 
Audrey Hepburn shows that white-on-black is just as nauticalish as blue or black-on-white
We owe it all to Coco Chanel, the patron saint of nautical stripes

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