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New Year's Resolutions 2013

Hey, y'all! I've been watching a lot of Storage Wars: Texas marathons, which makes my inner voice talk like a Southerner named Bubba. I'm OK with this if y'alls are.

So, after a bit of a hiatus, New Year's seems like a good time to get going with this blog business again. In 2011, I made a lengthy list of resolutions. Which I didn't exactly do... at all. And then I made a shorter list of resolutions for 2012. Which... anyway.

This year, I'm filled with the usual optimism and complete amnesia of how hard it is to stop spending money.

If last year was the year of French-style living, this will be the year of clean living. I think that's what it's called. Inspired by the 100 Days of Real Food challenge (which is such a great blog, by the way), I'm going to step it up in the eating healthy department. I also really want to get exercising again. I did great with running when it was nice out, but the whole frigid Canadian winters thing has stopped that.

Maybe if I had a fur coat like this gal, I'd be more inspired to go running in the snow.

With all that in mind, my resolutions - which are more like challenges, because that way if and when I stumble along the way, I won't feel as bad - are as follows:

1) Follow the 14 weeks of "real food" mini-pledges from 100 Days of Real Food.

Week 1 is eating two fruits or veg with every meal. Note: I'm going to start this as soon as I'm able to go grocery shopping, as I don't have the adequate groceries to begin this right this second. I'm happy to begin using Fresh and Local, a local organic/local food delivery business, to help me out with local produce and meat.

I will def work on my health & vitality this year.

2) Read more good books.

If I'm not enjoying a book, let it go and move onto another one that I might like better. Follow me on Goodreads to see what I'm reading lately, and offer me book suggestions! In 2012, I was busy trying to reach my goal of reading 75 books, which meant that I stuck with less-good books for longer just to get the stat. This year, I'm just aiming to read 50, so I will focus more on quality, rather than quantity.

3) Exercise regularly with weights/strength training and some running.

I'm going to get some punch cards for the nearby gym, so as to avoid last year's "months of paying for gym membership without going but somehow thinking that counts as exercise" fiasco.

- image from

4) Finish working on my novel manuscript!

You may notice there's nothing in there about paying down my debt. I'm hoping that will come about naturally through the rest of everything - if I'm eating better and exercising, then I'll be happier and less stressed, which will make me less prone to shop to cheer myself up. And also, if I plan healthy meals all the time, there will be less temptation to spend money on snacks while I'm out.

In any case, I ate so many cookies and chocolates over the holidays that I'm honestly not tempted by sweets at all at the moment. And I'm especially driven to get exercising again due to how gross I feel having eaten all of those sweets.

Do you guys have resolutions or challenges? Bring it on, 2013!

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