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Get out of the cold, get into food delivery. And don't forget your mittens.


True story: I left for work today in a hurry and only realized once I was outside that I'd forgotten to bring gloves or mittens. "Hey, this will be OK," I thought to myself, shrinking my hands up into my coat sleeves.

But it quickly became apparent that this will not work, seeing as I live in Canada in winter and it's -30 with the windchill today (to Americans, that's like... -22, apparently). Long story short: I went to buy a pair of socks on my lunch break (because there isn't a clothes store nearby my work, but there is a grocery store and I figured they'd have socks I could use as mittens) but it turns out in their children's section, they had thermal gloves for little boys! And so my hands did not fall off.

What does this have to do with ordering food? Well...

Isn't staying home soooo much better than going out in the cold? Esp with a slanket?

... oh, just the fact that you can bundle up in your apartment with your cat and not have to go out buying groceries or carrying heavy grocery bags home and can just hibernate. What I like about businesses like Just-Eat or GrubHub is that, rather than trying to think of the names of a certain type of restaurant in your area, you can just browse by your city and the different kinds of food. Pizza? Thai food? Sushi? There are literally hundreds of outlets so, while hibernating, you can try out lots of restos in your area while staying huddled up on your sofa in your sleeved blanket with your cat. For instance.

Also fun and handy? If you, like me, are taking the bus home, you can pre-time when you want your food delivered BEFORE YOU EVEN LEAVE WORK. So you can have it show up at your house like, twenty minutes after you get home. (Especially useful if, for instance, you forgot to bring mittens and you would be risking frostbite to stop somewhere for takeout on the way home)

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