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Guest post: Vintage Clothing Can Defy the Fashion Trends

Hey guys! What with all the madcap insanity that is you weirdo Americans and this "Black Friday" thing where you're all running to Wal-Mart to buy cheap batteries or whatever, the timing seemed perfect for this guest post from Clarissa Seaton about vintage clothes shopping. Because you can  spend a cheap amount on a cheap thing, or pay a bit more for something that's already lasted a long time, and which will last you even longer... total win/win scenario. Take it away, Clarissa!

Get Off The Fashion Trend Merry Go Round 

Anyone who is trying to make their money go farther but who loves fashion will get a lot of benefit from rethinking their entire approach to fashion. There are a few really good reasons to give up shopping for fashion in chain stores and focusing instead on putting together a unique look that is completely independent of what some fashion designers have decreed should be the major purchases for this season. Once you start getting deeper into the fashion industry it becomes clearer that the latest fashion trends come and go because this is basically a business. The purpose of the fashion industry is to get people to spend a lot of money.

Styles and silhouettes are created and then disposed of because the only important thing is to sell clothes. A person who is trying to create a simpler and more frugal lifestyle out of conviction or out of necessity can take a step back and create a wardrobe that functions far more effectively by choosing essential pieces one at a time.

Mass Produced Fashions Are Not Made to Last 

One of the things which quickly become apparent to anyone who takes a closer look at the mass produced garments being sold in chain stores is that many of them are not designed to last. They are often produced using very cheap fabrics and they are not stitched together very well. They are not only meant to look obsolete in a few months, they will also fall apart in a few months.

Vintage Clothes Offer Better Quality 

It can be a real eye-opener to compare the clothing in modern fashion stores with vintage clothing that was made forty or fifty years ago. The construction and attention to detail that was common in the past has all but disappeared today. Even jackets and coats that cost hundreds of dollars that appear in the high end stores are often not made nearly as well as the jackets and coats of previous decades.

This is one of the reasons that high quality vintage clothing appeals to so many modern people who truly love fashion. A vintage coat made with the finest wool may be forty years old but it may last another ten or twenty years if it is properly looked after. Vintage jackets have amazing attention to detail that is rarely found anymore even in the most expensive garments.

Purchasing quality vintage clothes instead of chasing the latest fashion trends can pay off in creating a wardrobe that will have a timeless appeal.

Clarissa Season is a contributing writer and editor for many online websites and blogs featuring today's latest fashion style trends. Through writing, she shares her experiences and feelings regarding latest fashion news in the market. Follow Clarissa Seaton on Google+.

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