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Na na na naaaaa
Hey you guys! Miss me??

I've been toiling away reading celeb gossip revising my novel which, I have to say, I'm pretty sure y'all are going to love. I pretty much do. But it's lots of work, and so I'm on a blog vacay -- BROKEN TODAY! Because I have to tell you guys this story due to all of the LIFE LESSONS.

So, here's the thing. I'm going on a mini break holiday! Wheee!

"Mini break": part of my vocabulary since the first time I saw Bridget Jones' Diary

The destination? A small, gorgeous lake-front place. And OK, so maybe we spent more time thinking about it than actually planning it, but I actually made a hotel reservation last week and then today, investigated the bus schedule situation*

(*I don't drive, as you may recall)

Now, it's not that I didn't know if the buses went there at all: they totally do. We went there last summer on the bus. The fact that the bus may not go there anymore did not cross my mind until...



The bus doesn't go there anymore because 'the season' is over. It only drives up to this picturesque lakefront area during 'the season' which apparently ends at the beginning of September. (Someone should tell the hotel that, though, because their 'in season' rates go until October)

So, I've got a hotel room booked for 2 days from now, in a place that I have literally no way of getting to. And the hotel's cancellation policy is that you get half your money back if you cancel 7 days beforehand: not a possibility at the moment, without some sort of time machine scenario.

I briefly considered building my own but... you know.
This book was checked out from the library.

So, I phoned them and they were friendly and nice, but that's the situation. She sweetly suggested that I could hitchhike, which is bizarre, but sometimes I forget I live in the boonies.

Like Claudette Colbert, I'm pretty sure I'd do OK at hitch hiking.
Especially because I'd make sure to wear this outfit exactly.

Anyway, that seemed to be that. I was frustrated, but understood their point of view. So, I wrote a polite email explaining that I was disappointed not to be able to go, and that I looked forward to staying there next summer (when the bus is running again).

AND THEN!!! The woman who checks their emails phoned me and was like, "Hey, if you get off at the stop 12km from us, I can come by and pick you up. And also drop you off there again on Sunday. No big deal."


So now, not only have I un-cancelled the vacation, but now it includes a CHAUFFEUR type situation. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!

Life lesson: If you're about to have to pay $300 to not stay in a hotel, be gracious and polite and speak up! It  may not always work, but you never know if you don't try!

Frugal lesson: Make sure you tell hotels you're taking the bus when you book a hotel in a small lakefront area. Or else you may have to pay $300 and not get to stay there.

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