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Ruby Sparks: fall fashion icon for the ages

So. I just saw the amaze new film Ruby Sparks, written by and starring the gorgeous Zoe Kazan. It's the story of a writer (Paul Dano) who writes about a character called Ruby Sparks, who then suddenly appears in his life and is his girlfriend! As my friend noted, not entirely dissimilar to Weird Science crossed with 500 Days of Summer.

At its heart, it's a movie about how you are first attracted to someone superficially, but then you get to learn more about them as a real person, and that's when relationships get complicated.

Whatevs, the story is great and all but the biggest takeaway I have from this movie is:


For reals. Now, Paul Dano's character is creative and a great writer, but no fashion stylist. He must have written something like "Ruby always has perfect hair and the perfect outfit for every occasion," and then Ruby took it from there. Because there is no way a guy like this:

Can style an outfit like this:

Let's break down Ruby's PERFECT FALL FASHION, shall we?

1. Perfect Hair

Ruby wears her hair in the Zooey Deschanel-approved official quirky gal 'do: long waves with a thick fringe and shorter, face-framing layers. Sometimes the fringe is off to the side, sometimes it's straight on her forehead. One memorable time she wears a total sock bun.

Ruby rocks a sock bun and a seriously cute vintage dress.
There's no way Paul Dano styled this woman, I mean, right?
Ruby's hair colour, a bright effervescent red, is perfect for fall. Or any time, really. Her hair is always kinda messy, never perfectly put together - but perfect in its messiness.

Oh hey there, perfect casual ponytail that shows off the long pieces that frame the face!

Lesson = long waves, a strong fringe, but don't get too precious about it. Just let it go wild and free! And shiny.

3. Coloured tights
When Paul Dano first writes about Ruby, he notes that she wears coloured tights. And girlfriend wears the HELL out of her coloured tights. Purple! Blue! Always opaque, always perfect. And yes, Ruby has little stick figure movie star legs, but coloured tights are a great look for anyone going into fall. Always more fun than plain black. Do you doubt I know what I'm talking about? You guys, I wore TIGHTS FOR 30 DAYS. And that didn't even use up all of the tights I own.

Lesson = coloured tights with EVERYTHING.

3. Cute vintage-y dresses

Similar to Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe on New Girl, Ruby Sparks wears a variety of gorgeous retro dresses. Like her hair, though, these dresses are not prim or constricting - but rather loose and easy, like she threw it on without really thinking.

I mean, she's ready to jump into a pool at basically anytime, so while her outfits are cute, she's not spent a fortune on them and they're always quite practical.

I mean, not that jumping in a pool in your clothes is ever practical,
but  this shows how she doesn't take her clothes too seriously.
Lesson = make friends with the owner of a used clothes store and/or stalk the nearest used clothing store for cute dresses for vintage-inspired dresses are NEVER NOT APPROPRIATE.

4. Bright colours ALL THE TIME

Ruby wears pants only a few times in this film, and once it's a pair of candy coloured skinny jeans; another time is a French-y striped top. She's always wearing bright circus-y colours, which look great with her bright hair and porcelain skin. Bright colours look great on EVERYONE, though. If you want a baby step to brightening your wardrobe, follow Ruby's lead and go with a pair of primary coloured ballet flats.


Have you guys seen this movie? Are you dying to dress like Ruby Sparks too??

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