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Food banks, poverty, and frugality

So remember how last year I took part in the Food Basket Challenge - living off of a food bank hamper for one week to raise awareness for poverty? You can check out my blog posts about it here and also here.

The Saskatoon Food Bank is running this awareness campaign again, and 23 people are involved this year. It was such an eye-opening experience for me, it's really interesting to see how the experience effects this years' participants.

You can keep up with their experiences on the Food Basket Challenge website here... and remember it's not about an extreme diet or being brave or whatever, it's about raising awareness that for the participants it's one week of unpleasant eating - whereas for the people who depend on eating from the food bank, it's a daily lifestyle. These hampers aren't meant to feed you for a week, but to supplement your diet for a few days. And when your diet goes out of whack like this, if effects your emotions, which can impact on your work and social life.

Anyway. It's a really important project, and also really interesting reading! Head on over to the Food Basket Challenge website to keep up with this years' participants and join in the discussion.

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