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Step Up Quadrilology Link Luuurve

Abs + love growing in rehearsals + big dance number = the Step Up series!!

So, you guys, I went to see Step Up Revolution recently, and it was SO GREAT that I went back to watch the previous Step Up films to get a full appreciation for the series. I mean, I'd seen the first one ages ago, but somehow I missed out on 2 and 3-D so there was some catching up to do.

And basically? Revolution is basically a mishmash of the best parts of the previous 3 films (WITH ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION - I'll get to that in a bit. Check it:

Step Up 1: A hard-working trained female dancer needs to learn how to loosen up to get into the school of her choice, falls for a streetwise untrained janitor dancer, falls in love.

Step Up 2: The Streets: A street dancer is in a troupe crew competing to win money, or a prize or something, going up against the other dance crews. Part of the contest involves creating a viral video and getting lots of hits.

Step Up 3-D: A girl gets in with a dance troupe crew, but hides who she really is and who her family is.

Step Up Revolution: A hard-working trained female dancer needs to learn how to loosen up to get into the school of her choice, gets involved in a contest to win lots of money by making a viral video, while hiding who she really is and who her family is.

And naturally, this means that 4 is the best one since the first one! OK, 2 was also OK. Although, the male leads went was down after Channing Tatum in the first film and the cute guy in the second film. The guys in 3 and 4 were unfortunately forgettable. Sorry guys! Prove me wrong! Nobody thought Channing Tatum would become a super superstar based on his performance in the first movie... but I'm thinking that might be an exception.


The Legacy of the Babysitters Club from The Atlantic (BSC = female entrepreneur role models for us all!)

You Know You Love Fashion (the amazing fashion blog I write for!) was featured on the Lifetime Project Runway blog! Which means now I'm six degrees of separation from MONDO!!

The 10 commandments of lipstick from My Thirty Spot (I'm more into glosses over the summer, but with fall around the corner, I need to get my pucker back into proper LIPPIE CONDITION)

Adina from Blue Collar Red Lipstick has moved her blog! Check out her new location (same stylish amazingness!)

Oh, and Fashionable People Questionable Things has just started a Fantasy Boyfriend League. They're still making up the rules, but you guys should all totally join! My team includes Iwan Rheon (from Misfits), Peter Dinklage (from Game of Thrones) and EJ from Days of Our Lives. Join today! (It's free, and hilarious)

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