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Safety Not Guaranteed: movie review & link luuurve

Safety Not Guaranteed is a really fun, good movie. It's about a journalist for Seattle Magazine who comes across a classified ad from a guy seeking a partner to time travel with him - the ad includes the phrase "safety not guaranteed," which is where the movie gets its title. Interestingly, this part of the story is based on an actual classified ad. The rest of the movie is made up, though, as the journalist heads out to track down the alleged time traveler. He brings along two interns with him, and all three have unexpected experiences as they try to figure out what this time traveler is up to. Also, the movie is laugh-out-loud hilarious very frequently, as well as touching and sweet in others. Basically, a great film.

Link Luuurve

Jeff (Jake Johnston)
Jeff is the journalist who pitches this story in the first place. He works for Seattle Magazine and has, shall we say, an unconventional work ethic. In the sense of, we don't actually see him doing any writing at all during the movie. He may want to check out this article from Money Q&A about when your frugality becomes unethical.

Darius (Aubrey Plaza)
Darius is one of the interns chosen to accompany Jeff on his mission. She's in her mid-20s and going through the usual quarterlife crisis where she feels aimless and helpless to get out of the cycle of nothing happening. While she's stressing about this situation, I think she could do something therapeutic such as clean out her hairbrush, using these tips from A Thrifty Mrs as a guide. Seriously, it's not as simple as just pulling out the hair, trust.

Arnau (Karan Soni)
Arnau is a very bookish, nerdy intern who comes along with Jeff and Darius to track down the time traveller. He's entirely sensible, if sheltered, and so he would never need to read tips like And Then She Saved's top 5 tips for controlling impulse spending. But I'm grateful for her tips!!

Kenneth (Mark Duplass)
Kenneth is the guy who posted the ad, and most of the movie is spent wondering if he's insane, or if he legitimately invented a time machine. His lifestyle is very minimalist (other than, you know, all the stuff he needs for the time machine) so he's clearly already let go of the what ifs in his closet as advised by Project 333.

Bridget (Mary Lynn Rajskub)
Bridget is Jeff's boss at Seattle Magazine. She's super-efficient and super-organized and a very good boss lady. As such, I bet she already knows all of the handy things you can do with an old toothbrush - explained very well here in a post from The Beauty Department!

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