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Mascara is a necessary part of my life

So it turns out Rita Hayworth didn't look like this every morning when she woke up...

When I was a kid and teen, I was totally obsessed with old timey movie stars (you know, totally unlike nowadays...) I wished I could look like Gene Tierney or Ava Gardner or Rita Hayworth, but I never thought it was possible.

Why? Invisible eyelashes. And blond eyebrows.

I dreamed of looking like Gene Tierney, but how could I, with blond eyelashes and brows??
At some point in my adolescence, I realized that OMFG those stars wore MAKEUP and when I put on mascara, suddenly my eyes were noticeable!

Taylor Swift is another blond eyelashed celebrity who depends on eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes pop. Once, she was so desperate for eye makeup that she resorted to using a Sharpie marker as eyeliner. I mean... that's dedication.

Since then, I've pretty much nonstop worn mascara every day of my life. Lash tinting is an option sometimes, but I think it's quicker (and cheaper) just to find a good mascara and swipe it on in the mornings. As such, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of mascara. And friends? I've found a pretty great one.

CoverGirl 24 Hour LashBlash Mascara

I know what you're thinking, "Who needs mascara for 24 hours?" Answer: "Probably somebody, somewhere." I mean, I don't need makeup to last 24 hours without stopping, but it's good to know it can if I need it to. Basically, I need mascara that will last on my eyes during the day, not irritate my eyes, and not do that thing some mascaras do where bits settle under your eyes and it looks like you have dark circles.

I know, Lauren Conrad. It sucks when your mascara runs.

More than that, I like mascara that gives me really noticeable, dramatic lashes, which this totally does. The 24-hour long lasting thing is like a bonus extra. Also? I use the normal kind, not the waterproof kind, and it still stays on in the rain.

But guess what??

From now till August 31, P&G (the company behind CoverGirl) is offering 10% off all items from their webstore (which offers free shipping over $25). Since P&G is an Olympic sponsor, you can pick up Olympic-themed deals and bundles. Feel free to let your peeps know about this deal - anybody who follows this widget gets access to the 10% off deal!

Note: if you shop through the widget below - to buy the mascara or anything else from P&G, I get a commission on your purchases. You know, if that sort of thing matters to you :)

CoverGirl LashBlast 24HR Mascara

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