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In which I become a morning person

I have never been what you might call a morning person.

I'm not even what you might call "somebody who wakes up at a normal time at all, ever." I'm the sort of person who wakes up 10 minutes before I have to catch the bus (sometimes 5 mins), figures out the exact sequence of events it takes for me to catch the bus on time, and still arrives at work looking quasi-respectable.

It's true! Ask any of my former roommates (or my family members): I have a superpower-esque ability to rocket out of bed at the last second, get dressed, put on mascara (CRUCIAL) and run out the door to my work where I have yogurt and granola waiting for me to eat once I get there.

What, you don't have breakfast foods waiting for you at work every morning?

BUT THEN... OUT OF NOWHERE... I've started waking up early. Literally, for no reason. Like, I wake up an hour before my alarm even goes off. I lie there and, rather than curling back up and sleeping in more, I am suddenly completely and totally awake. My cat is like "Yaaay! She's awake! Now we can play attack her legs like they are small birds with my claws!" and that wake me up even more. Especially when she follows that up with curl up next to Annabelle's face on the pillow so my cat bum is in her face.

Obviously, I don't actually get out of bed right away. Now that I have an iPhone, I can check my emails and - this month - Olympic results, and lounge around. So I still get out of bed 10 minutes before I have to catch my bus (or set out on my bike) but I do it much better rested than before.

Can your habits just change like this, without exerting any effort? Maybe one day will I wake up and be like, "I don't feel like spending money! I have enough clothes and makeup! I'm going to focus on building up an emergency fund and/or retirement savings and/or paying down my credit card debt!"?

A month ago, I wouldn't have thought that was possible. But now... anything seems possible!

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