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In defense of Lauren Conrad's book destruction

So, you may have heard about how Lauren Conrad (frugal icon, eyeliner artist, owner of the best head of hair in California) got herself in a wee bit of an internet scandal earlier today. Since she's one of my fave celebs, and the first person recognized in the Shopping Detox Frugal Icons Hall of Fame, I thought I would investigate this 'scandal'.

As part of her brand, she offers tips on beauty and fashion, as well as craft suggestions. Her latest craft suggestion was to repurpose books for craft use, which she illustrated in a video (which has since been removed, so I'm not sure exactly what the craft itself really was). You can get some of the background on this "scandale" from these articles:

Lauren Conrad takes down book-shredding 'craft' video... (from Jezebel)
Lauren Conrad guts books for a 'craft project'... (from NY Mag)
What not to do with books (from The Huffington Post)

From what I can gather from these articles, the craft seemed to be to gut the books by slicing out the pages, and then glue the covers onto cardboard boxes. And people seemed particularly upset that she was gutting books that looked new. Anyway, the whole craft idea seems kinda useless but then again, I'm not big into crafts.

Anyway, then the internet exploded! Those poor books! cried everybody. Somebody might have wanted to read those books! 


(and all the books from Awful Library Books, OBVIOUSLY)

And so, OK. I've already written about this a bit, back when that woman who rescued the house with the 350,000 books (because EVERY BOOK IS SACRED!!) was trying to find homes for them. I know it takes some wrapping of your mind around it but the thing is, books are just things. You can have sentimental attachments to particular books or particular titles of books, but books are just things. And when you stop using a thing, you can repurpose or get rid of it.

I mean, it's great that so many people have this instinctive desire to protect books and to believe that they're all fantastic. When you hear about book burning, it cuts to something visceral in most people - NOT THE BOOKS! NOT THE PRECIOUS, INNOCENT BOOKS!!

And I'm not promoting book burning, obviously. And neither is Lauren Conrad. She's suggesting a use for a book that maybe you don't plan to read again, but which you still enjoy sartorially. Books that you don't read anymore are just taking up space, frankly. I mean, you can take this to extremes where you keep books as eBooks and just hang onto the specific books that you have sentimental attachment to (ones that were given as gifts, for instance).

Anyway, perhaps LC's craft idea was not the greatest, but here are some other great things you can do with books you don't want anymore**. Here's a post I did awhile ago about book art projects, and here are some more that I've found online:

Make an eBook cover!
Make a purse!
Make a hollowed out hidey hole!
Make coasters!
Make Christmas tree ornaments!

... or any of the amazing artistic things on f*ck yeah book arts.

Yes, it may feel odd at first to be cutting up a book (EVERY BOOK IS PRECIOUS!!! your subconscious will scream), I would like to let Lauren Conrad know that making crafts from books is TOTALLY FINE.

** Or, if you aren't particularly crafty:

Send them to recycling!
Donate to a local shelter, charity, or Library (**note only give books to the Library if they are in good condition and somewhat recent!!**)

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