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Back to school = SPEND ALL THE MONEY

Oh, back to school. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite retail season - beating out Christmas, Valentine's Day, January sale season, and that weird "cruise" season that happens around March when people start selling lots of nautical apparel (*note: I buy my nautical apparel year-round).

Anyway, more so than January 1, Back To School for me means a total fresh start/clean slate. When I was in school, it meant lusting after new scribblers and erasers and happily wandering the school supply section of the drugstore - picking out new items and imagining how these school supplies would fully transform my life. The perfect pencil case, along with something weird like an erasable pen, and a fresh Hilroy scribbler would make my school year PERFECT.

Non-Canadians may not understand the appeal of Hilroy scribblers.
But any Canadians in the house know what I'm talking about.

Plus also? I still absolutely love the smell of the school supply section. Stores like Staples make me practically salivate with their aisles of calculators and Sharpie markers. Ohh... sweet school supplies.


"What, this amazing retro outfit and bike? These old things? I just casually arrived for the first day of school looking like this, I for sure didn't spend WEEKS preparing for this moment."

And the clothes! Back to school clothes! September was always my time to completely reinvent myself. Despite the fact that I went to school with the same people, in the same city, for my entire school career, somehow it seemed possible that with the perfect outfit everybody would suddenly look at me in a new way. (Or mistake me for a new kid: growing up in the same city, New Kids always seemed so exciting and exotic)

Back to AMAZING! If this girl showed up at school as the new kid, she'd be instantly the most popular girl owing to her MASTERY of BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION.

This has obviously spilled over into my adult life. I don't expect that in September I'll get a total makeover and start my life anew - but the annual appearance of plaids, argyles, corduroy, woolly skirts and jumpers, and cableknit sweaters and tights and Mary Jane shoes? Is as exciting to me as the fall colours are to people who care about nature.

Gossip Girl: the prep school years was like 26 gorgeous episodes of BACK TO SCHOOL AMAZING FASHIONNESS!

It's hilarious that every year, all the fashion blogs and magazines are like "This fall, the big trend is plaid!" as though that isn't what happens EVERY SINGLE SEPTEMBER. And yet, I fall for it all. The pea coats! The woolly tights! The boots! I start to imagine I live in the United Kingdom somewhere that plaid rubber boots and layers of wool are somehow appropriate (note: in September on the Canadian prairies? We're all still sweating in shorts and tshirts).

Kate Middleton works the UK plaid Back To School fashion layered look the way I always wish I could. She's so lucky she lives in the UK!

So I must be STRONG and resist the SWEET SIREN CALL of Back To School. I'm not in school, I already own lots of plaid, and I don't live in the Highlands.
Do you have any tips to survive Back To School without spending a fortune?

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