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Sex: the most frugal fun you can have with your pants off (or on, whichever you prefer, I don't judge)

I'm soo excited about today's guest post, from Berkley Staite. Berkley is a jack-of-all-trades with the Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon, involved in equal parts education, outreach, and development. Check out his weekly sex talk radio show, Sex+, or drop him a line via e-mail.

"Tell us more, Coach Berkley."

Sex is one of an ever-shrinking pool of social activities that doesn't require you to break the bank, but a savvy sort knows to watch out for hidden costs and plans ahead to avoid them. Spending some thought on your sexual health is sure to bring dividends in the long term!

Sexually transmitted infections can take their toll on your body, exacting their cost from your happiness and well-being, and treatment can hit you in the pocketbook. So what's a smart lad or lass to do? Avoid them entirely! Condoms and dental dams are available for free if you know where to look - try sexual health clinics around your town - and will go a long way toward avoiding any uninvited guests. Make a point of getting regularly tested for STIs (also free!) to ensure nothing untoward is developing without your notice. 

Be the happy guys with the hats! Not the sad guys with the bad posture.

If you're shacking up with someone of the opposite sex, be sure to take birth control into account as well. Condoms are free, but avoiding an unplanned pregnancy may necessitate a small expenditure - plenty of low cost options are available through sexual health clinics and related non-profit organizations. 

[Note from Annabelle: Or if you feel like spending more money, these retro condom tins are super-cute]

The most important thing to remember though, is that talk isn't cheap - it's free! Bring these topics up with your partners when it looks like hanky panky might be on the horizon. You don't need to whip out the charts and the lectern, just make sure to touch base on the above before you get too far along actually touching any bases. 

For free advice, STI checkups, condoms, and information, check out your local sexual health centre. (In Saskatoon, the Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon is always happy to help!)

And never forget that self-love doesn't cost a thing!

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