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Running: the frugality audit

On your mark, get set... AWESOME!!
So, the Olympics started today. With all due respect to all the people with so many good reasons to be against this event I AM SO INTO THE OLYMPICS!! 

I like it in the purest sense, similar to how much I enjoy So You Think You Can Dance: the combination of attractive people performing really well in activities I can't do whatsoever + really quick intros to their extremely interesting lives = I am instantly invested in how they will all perform and get immediately devastated when something crazy happens so they can't win (i.e. they trip over the hurdle or whatever)

Plus this year, you have 100% more chance of Kate Middleton outfit sightings than in any other Olympics ever before!! It's worth tuning in for that alone!

With the Olympic spirit filling me, I was motivated to go running again today after a very long time. Oh yes, the Olympics also tend to fill me with this feeling of "I WANT TO BE AN OLYMPIAN TOO!" and basically, the only sports-related things I can do are bike OK and run OK so... those are my best options. I guess I could try for something that normal-sized people can feasibly win, such as curling or archery but... I also can't aim so those aren't great bets.

Although... do you still get to wear these dresses for archery these days? Because those hats are pretty great.
Running is my fave kind of exercise because of - wait for it - the frugality of it all! All you need are running shoes, basically. Gymnasts need leotards and false eyelashes; pole vaulters need pole vaults; but runners just need their feet. Some runners don't even have feet!

Oscar Pistorius is kind of the greatest ever.

And if you're a no-shoes type paleo person, you don't even need shoes! Like anything else, you can start accessorizing past that - I have various sweat-wicking performance outfits, as well as great playlists on my iPod and I just got a great app that trains you to do a 10K run. This very friendly robot woman voice comes on to be like, "now start running" and then is like "now start walking" and then "you're halfway done" so we'll see how that all goes. For now, I feel like a professional athlete with a coach in my earpiece, cheering me on, so far so good.

Let's take a moment to pause in appreciation and horror at Flo Jo's Olympic press-on nails.
At least, I hope those are press-on nails.

Also, you can go running without a gym membership, as you just put on your shoes and literally run out the door. I briefly went to the gym, where I ran on the treadmill, but somehow going there and signing in and going to the locker and changing just seemed like so much effort I couldn't psych myself up to go. But putting on shoes and going out the door? Totes doable.

Are you guys runners? Do you have any tips for me? ARE YOU TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE OLYMPICS??fi

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