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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia... Link Love

Available from Netflix, if you're into that sort of thing.

So, I just watched this movie today. Once Upon A Time in Anatolia is a Turkish film and won first prize in Cannes, or whatever. It's about a bunch of cops, a doctor, and some confessed murderers driving around trying to find where the corpse is buried. It was for sure a really good film, quite unlike the "A Very Special Episode of CSI" plot description, and it's worth seeing even just for the gorgeous Turkish scenery, shot beautifully.

All that being said, here is the most random link luurve ever (caution: handsome Turkish men ahead!)

Dr. Cemal (Muhammet Uzuner)
He's an important character in the film, who's along for the ride so that he can examine the corpse (if and when they find it). He's also the most handsome guy in the film, which makes him automatically my fave character. So in his honour, check out FPQT's hilaire review of Magic Mike.

Naci, the Police Inspector (Yilmaz Erdogan)
He's another important character in the movie, and his major defining character trait is that he's trying to quit smoking. That, and he also forgot to pick up a prescription for his son before he headed out on this corpse hunt. To make it up to his son (and his wife) he may want to pick an activity for the whole family from Frugal Dad's list of fun, inexpensive things to do with kids this summer.

Cemile, the Mayor's daughter (Cansu Demirci)
Meet one of only two female characters in this movie. She's the daughter of a small town mayor, and as such, is pretty much doomed to stick in that small town forever and ever. (Maybe in a sequel, she and the handsome doctor can run off together, or something) Anyway, in case she wants to escape, I suggest using Mochi & Macarons' tips (via Louis Vuitton) tips on the art of packing.

Kenan, Suspect #1 (Firat Tanis)
This poor guy. You just know his story isn't as straghtforward as him being a bad guy who killed some dude; there are levels, people. But if he'd cleaned up after himself better, maybe none of the stuff in this movie would have happened, so I recommend he read HubPages' genius recipe for DIY laminate floor cleanser.

Nusret, the District Attorney (Taner Birsei)
He's the richest and fanciest guy in the movie with - arguably - the movie's best mustache (there is a lot of facial hair in this movie). As such, people turn to him for his expertise, much like people turn to finance bloggers for their perceived expertise. Not so! Modest Money write this good piece about how you should take advice from personal finance bloggers with a grain of salt.

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