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Moonrise Kingdom Link Luuurve

Have you seen this movie? WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE YET? Moonrise Kingdom is the latest from Wes Anderson, he of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums and a few others I didn't like quite so much.

This film, friends, is delightful. It's the story of two 12-year-olds who fall in love and run away together, all taking place in a kind of fairytale version of the 1960s. I guess you either luuurve that idea or not, and I know that Wes Anderson is kind of a love/hate sort of guy. But honestly? This movie is so, so good.


Sam (Jared Gilman)
Sam is an enigmatic bad boy wrapped in the body if a goofy looking prepubescent kid. He has the soul of a Beat poet, and the hat of Davy Crockett. And can he pitches a campsite like nobody's business. This kid is awesome, basically. Know who else is awesome? In Mint Condition, who just paid off all of her credit card debt!!

Suzy (Kara Hayward)
Suzie is a bookworm who always always wears turquoisey-blue eyeshadow and perfectly clean white knee socks. She is also as practical as me, bringing along not only a portable record player but also her adorbs kitten to run away in the wilderness (spoiler?). In short, she's amazingly fabulous. Who else is fabulous? The Reluctant Retiree, who reveals that retirees deal with hot weather like they deal with everything else - awesomely!

Scout Master Ward (Ed Norton)
This guy is the die-hard leader of the Khaki Scout troop that Sam belongs to (briefly). He's an uber-committed, passionate camper who describes himself as a Scout Master first, and math teacher second. He's all about being prepared, everything in its place, and outdoor living - which makes me think he'd heartily approve of Niki from Hello Paper Moon's work at ensuring that she uses up all of the herbs from her herb garden in delicious recipes like these rosemary potatoes. Om nom nom.

Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis)
He's the cop on the magical fairytale 1960s island this movie takes place on, and he's a kind of lonely bachelor whose life hasn't turned out like he had hoped it would. Despite that, he carries in and is in charge of the search for the missing Sam and Suzie. And I bet he wouldn't get all judgmental if a personal finance blogger overspent every now and then... much to the delight of Andrea from So Over Debt.

Mrs. Bishop (Frances McDormand)
She's Suzie's Mom, who wrangles a household of Bill Murray husband, moody tweenage daughter and Wes Anderson movie-ish younger boys with style and panache (and a loudspeaker). There's no way she could run this household without coffee, or iced coffee in the summertime, so she'd find A Fistful of Dollars experiments with frugal iced coffee recipes most invaluable.

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