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Jour 195: I put my pajamas in the freezer and lived to tell the tale

The Story Of A Girl and her Ice-jamas

It's crazy hot here on the Canadian prairies. I read somewhere that freezing your pajamas is a good way to cool off at night. Here is my story. CHUNK CHUNK!

Step One: select your pajamas (obvs shorts - flannel long-sleeved anything would defeat the purpose)

Step two: dampen the pajamas. As you can see, I dribbled water on them, then squeezed out the excess to leave them damp, as though they'd just been through the washing machine.

Step three: insert the damp pajamas in your freezer

Step four: after a few hours (I waited 2 hrs), remove the pajamas and let them thaw a little. (Mine were frozen solid, so I couldn't put them on, obviously)

Step five: put on the ICE JAMAS!
I have to report that putting on the ice jamas was SO LUXURIOUSLY COOL. I lay in my bed with an oscillating fan facing me, which was pretty great. Sadly, when I woke up, the ice jamas had returned to being normal pajamas - not even damp anymore.

Will I do this again? HELL YES. And you should too (esp. if, like me, you don't have air conditioning)

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