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Jour 193: The heat wave continues MAKE IT STOP OMG

I hate hot weather. So. Much. I. Can't. Even.

I had forgotten how, in the heat, your legs stick together when you walk. Therefore, I rescind yesterday's advice to wear shorts. Only KNEE LENGTH SHORTS are sensible.

And if wearing a dress (as I also noted yesterday) then make sure you wear PANTALOONS OF SOME SORT inside.

OK, maybe "pantaloons" is the wrong word. Though these would probably be nice and comfy.
Just not under a dress... unless you're going for summertime steampunk cosplay.

Bloomers! That's the right word. See how they cover the thigh region?
Also useful for if you bend over in a short dress, to avoid a Snooki-type situation.

Bike shorts are an OK option as well. The lacy bits at the bottom help keep them in place!

Or, maybe you can just lubricate your legs with like, Vaseline or something? No wait, I've tried that and it TOTALLY DOESN'T HELP. Maybe that blister block stuff? Or just stick to pantaloons. Whatevs.

ALSO OF NOTE: bras can feel gross to put on when it's hot and sticky in your apartment. I am NOT KIDDING when I say: keep them in the freezer overnight. FOR REAL.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: try one of these Japanese freezer pack bras.

Together, we'll get through this. It'll be autumn soon enough... right?

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