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Jour 192: Glamourous summer looks from your fave vintage stars

Wallis Simpson is like, "What, is it hot out? I'm too busy being glamorous to notice."

So, you know how I've been posting about "what to do in the heat" and "how to not get hot in the heat" and whatnot? Today's the day you realize I am a FRAUD, as it hasn't been so hot here thus far this summer.


For all of ours inspirations, here are some fab summertime looks from some fab ladies. Just because it's hot, doesn't mean you can allow your fabulosity to weaken. Keep flexing your fabulosity muscles, just do it in cotton doodads and in beach-type garb, or with underwear kept in your freezer, or a hot water bottle full of ICE WATER or whatever it takes. We can get through this summer, with these ladies as our SUMMER ICONS:

Ava Gardner brings the flyfishing hipwader realness with a sassy halter-neck one-piece and whimsical chapeau.
She's fishing for a good man!

Frugal Icon Marilyn Monroe works a sweet cotton sundress and untamed 'do - because when it's hot out, who wants to deal with a hairdryer?

Audrey Hepburn makes wearing a summer hat into a fashion statement. Plus, LURVE that even on a hot summer day, she's still working the pearl eattings and ladylike gloves. CLASSY DAME.

Who wears short shorts? These ladies! See how the one on the right is showing some midriff, yet is still totes ladylike? And how the one in the middle struts in flip-flops like the're stilettos? My fave is the one on the left, though. A classic button-down is crisp and pretty in the summer.

Marilyn Monroe again, proving my previous point about the button-down with shorts. This is her hiking ensemble, by the way. Luuurve the saddle shoes: way cuter than hiking boots.

Going for a bike ride is a good way to catch a breeze. It's always more fun to wear a cute dress and/or playsuit like this lady here. I'd suggest she add a helmet... but her poufy 'do is so cute, I can't be too mad.
Parasol + floppy hat + ukulele = BEST BEACH DAY EVER
Oh, sorry + a book = EVEN MORE BEST BEACH DAY EVER
I am infatuated with this tennis look. Its score is LOVE - LOVE!

Jean Harlow makes great use of stripes, cotton, and loose-fitting bias cut drapiness to wear this dress that would still look amazing 100 years later! Can't you see a hipster working this look, complete with white socks?

And now try and picture Kate Middleton wearing any of these things... she wouldn't look out of place, would she? Ladylike glamour NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION. (Wait, is it like anti-monarchistic to mention Kate and Wallis Simpson in the same post? But they're both so tall and thin and glamourous! AND both commoners! So it's OK!)

Now excuse me while I go get my underthings back out from the freezer. TEH HEAT YOU GUYS

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Adina J said...

I had such a hard time picking what to wear today!! It's 30+, feels like 40 with the humidity, and I realized that my Alberta-adapted wardrobe just doesn't contemplate such possibilities. I ended up going with a silk shirt dress, but I'm still feeling uncomfortably close to some unladylike perspiration ... and that's even in an AC-ed office!

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