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Jour 191: Magic Mike Link Luuuurve


Yes, I obviously saw this movie on its opening weekend. And yes, I obviously LOVED IT!! Not just because I'm a sucker for dancing movies, but because of all of the cheesy plot twists that were straight out of 42nd Street or All About Eve or any backstage film from the 1930s-1950s. Plus, Channing Tatum is, it turns out, really charming.

But did you know that finance is a huge plot in this film? Read on!

Mike (Channing Tatum)
Mike works as, yes, a particularly athletic and graceful stripper. But he also runs a bunch of other businesses - and his dream is to work full-time from home, make hand-crafted furniture from stuff that washes up on the beach (no, really). Actually, his financial situation is a large plotline in the film, which is why he would probably get some good info from So Over Debt's post about working from home.

Adam (Alex Pettyfer)
aAdam is a slacker who first meets Mike when he gets a non-union construction job from Craigslist. Did I mention this movie is all about finance? It kind of really is. Anyway, Adam is a total slacker going from dead-end to dead-end, which is part of why he's lured into the world of stripping and the easy money he thinks he can get there. Anyway, for a more realistic life plan, I suggest reading Fabulously Broke in the City's post about living off of minimum wage.

Brooke (Cody Horn)
Brooke is the most sensible person in this movie AND also has the best hair, so obviously she was my fave character. She has a job and an apartment and sees Mike's lifestyle as much more dangerous than anyone else does. The whole film takes place in a Florida summer, but she never seems uncomfortable in the heat - she must be using some of the tips from Modern Gal's post about beating the heat.

Dallas (Matthew McConaughey)
Between this movie, and recently seeing Dazed and Confused for the first time, I'm officially on Team McConaughey. Well... maybe not Team McConaughey, but I have handed in my Team ANTI-McConaughey do-rag. He's crazy and creepy and eccentric, and works effectively when he gets to play himself - as he does in this film. Anyway, he dresses in the most bizarre McConaugheyish manner throughout this film, but owns it in a very random way, which reminds me of Fashionable People Questionable Things' post about the style of Denise Huxtable.

Ritchie (Joe Manganiello)
The adorbs werewolf from True Blood appears in this film as one of Mike's stripping friends. The first time we see him (SPOILER?), he's carefully sewing a seam in what looks like a gold lame g-string. He's wearing reading glasses and SEWING, which makes him 1000% more adorbs than usual. I don't have one post to highlight, but the first person I think of as a sewer is Carla from My Half Dozen Daily, who's always sewing something super-cute. I bet she and Big D could have some fun together at a sewing bee.

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