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Jour 190: How to get this summer's candy-color hair for less

As with all trends, Lauren Conrad was all over this months before anybody else.

Colourful hair is all over the place right now. It's a fun trend AND there are lots of ways to do it temporarily (in case you work somewhere that showing up one day with blue hair might not be the best choice). We're so far from the days of my adolescence and The Time I Dyed My Hair Blue And It Turned Out So Horribly I Still Have PTSD About It.

Suffice it to say, my 15-year-old attempts to DIY blue hair did not turn out like this.
Or like human hair at all, actually.

Here are some popular methods to temporarily colour your hair various rainbow colours. This sort of thing looks SO GREAT with braided do's, by the way. If you want to go full-on Katy Perry/Nicki Minaj with your blue all-over hair colour, I don't think you can avoid either bleaching and dying your hair, or running around with a wig on.

1) Coloured chalk

Lauren Conrad and the Beauty Department ladies advocate this temporary measure, which seems to work best to colour your ends, or selected locks (not your whole head, obvs). FRUGALITY: 9/10, EASINESS: 7/10

2) Coloured hair mascara
Sephora is really pimping out these products for the summer, which are supposed to work like hair chalking, but quicker. Again, these would be mainly used for just your ends, or selected bits of hair. Circa 1995, Chanel had a line of hair mascaras, which I purchased hoping to get temporary blond streaks, but they didn't work at all. These newer ones are supposed to work better - but I'd still advise using a colour that's darker than your hair tone. If you want highlights, just get highlights at the hairdresser. (Best of all, if you get highlights? You can then colour them various colours with chalk and/or hair mascaras) FRUGALITY: 5/10, EASINESS: 7/10

3) Removable coloured hair extensions

I. LOVE. THESE. SO. HARD. These work without having to bleach your hair lighter, are quick and easy to take in and out, and gloriously non-permanent. I'm totally biased for these, actually. You can get dirt cheap ones from like, Claire's Accessories, but if you want to look sophisticated (and not like someone with fake Barbie hair stuck to their heads) go for ones made of natural hair (not polyester fibres). FRUGALITY: 7/10, EASINESS: 9/10

4) Kool-Aid
(note: I highly doubt the hairdo pictured above was achieved with Kool-Aid)

Back in the day, this is what you did when you were too cheap or too scared to buy actual coloured hair dye. When I was in junior high, there was a sudden trend of people colouring their hair with this brightly-coloured sugary powder. Nowadays, there are 1,001 tutorials on how to do this - here's a good one I found. Unlike the chalk or hair mascaras, this will last a few days on dark hair, or up to a month on lighter hair. FYI - there will be sugary residue on your hair as long as it's coloured, so you may find yourself unusually attractive to bugs and bees. FRUGALITY: 9/10, EASINESS: 5/10

5) Hair Ribbons and Yarn
I found this tutorial on Pinterest and it looks SO CUTE once the ribbons are all worked into the hair. This could be like clip-in hair extensions, but DIY and cheaper (assuming you have ribbons hanging around your house, or a good craft store nearby). FRUGALITY: 9/10, EASINESS 5/10

Have you guys coloured your hair fun colours? Have you tried any of these temporary 'dos? Would you ever?

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