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Jour 187: Does your body shape make you more or less frugal?

We can't all have clothes made all exactly to our measurements, like Barbie.
Well, really rich people can, I suppose. Meh.

Everybody has some proportions about themselves that makes it tricky to buy clothes and accessories. (Remember what Bea Danville taught us about dressing for your body type?) In any case, here are some of mine:

1) My hands are really wide, so I need to nearly dislocate my thumb to put on bracelets
2) My feet are size 9.5
3) My butt is wider than my waist by too much - pants that fit my ass are too big in the waist
4) My head is really big - seriously, men's size L/XL.
5) I have an abnormally long torso, which turns minidresses into long shirts; and long shirts into normal-sized shirts. This also means that pants are ALWAYS too long on me. [Note: Why is this never a body type listed in magazine articles about how to dress? Why is it always "Boyish, Curvy, Big Bust, Big Butt" but not "abnormally long torso"? Except for this pic from Sassy magazine in the 1990s. Thanks, Sassy!]

Seriously, this is the only time I've ever seen "The Intriguing Short Leg/ Long Torso Combo" listed in an article about choosing a swimsuit. Although it is unfortunate they couldn't find a human model with these proportions.

Anyway, at work today, one of my coworkers was talking about how, because she has teeny-tiny feet (size 4), she usually has great luck in buying shoes on sale. My other coworker, who has average-sized feet (size 6) has less luck. And I have just OK luck with my larger-than-average-but-not-freakishly-big feet.

Michelle "size 11.5 feet" Obama is like, whose feet are you calling freakishly big?
Sorry, FLOTUS. But I bet it's hard for you to buy shoes, even now that you're the most powerful lady in the world.

So it would seem like stores buy lots of shoes in the average size, but they all get purchased, so people with average-sized feet can't buy as many sale items. But on the other hand, stores buy less smaller- and larger-sized shoes, so if there's a really great pair, maybe us non-average foot-havers can't buy them at all - they'll all get sold before they can even get marked down!

This also relates to the frustrating aspects of going vintage clothes shopping. Yes, there were people my size (14) back in the day; but they clearly either didn't own cute clothes, or didn't donate them to vintage stores.

Without fail, vintage clothes stores are full of teeny-tiny (GORGEOUS!) outfits made for people with no ribcages and twig arms. So on the one hand - normal-sized people can save money because nothing in vintage stores will fit us. But on the other hand - I can't buy anything vintage other than like, brooches!

What proportions of yours make it tricky to buy stuff? Is it a blessing, because less stuff fits you? Or does it make you mad, and seek out pricey online stores to buy stuff that normal-sized people can buy off the rack?

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