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Jour 185: National Holiday Link Luuurve

So, yesterday was Canada Day, and then I think that the US has some sort of national holiday around this time of year, too.... like July 3rd or something? :P

The US might have more money and stuff, but we are the nation that birthed The Biebs.
Seriously. He was created in a test tube using the DNA of ALL CANADIANS.
The Biebs is Canada.

Here are some great posts to enjoy during what may or may not be a long weekend where you live:

My friend Crankygirl just started a great new blog - 5 Simple Tips. Every day, she posts tips for a variety of issues - this one about repelling mosquitos spoke to me. DEET is the ONLY WAY, you guys. DEET, or a spacesuit. Or never going outside ever.

Just in time for Canada Day, Modest Money recently held a poll to vote for your fave Canadian finance bloggers. I'm so happy I got 12 votes - and I'm also happy that my BFF Gail's little blog was chosen as the 3rd most popular! Hopefully this will get more people reading hers, it's like a hidden gem nobody knows about. xo Gail!

Shawanda wrote this great piece about natural energy boosters for Fabulously Broke. If you're like me, then you wilt in the summer, so it's great to keep these simple lifestyle changes in mind to keep me from losing my mind over the next 2 months.

Stephanie at Clay Baboons never fails to make me LOL with her DIY clay reenactments of her life. This post, about how people in movies are always doing stuff with their hands, is hilairatrons 5000.

If you're like me, then you find it hard to cook and eat hot food when it's also hot outside. Which means you eat lots of pasta salads in the summer. If you aren't like me, you'll still probably see the appeal in A Cozy Kitchen's delish (and simple!) recipe for Hawaiian Macaroni Salad.

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