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Jour 184: The most frugal way to prevent mosquito bites

Much like men to Scarlett O'Hara, mosquitos have always preferred me over all other people.

When I was a wee little lassie, my family's first and only camping trip was ended early when I got bit on my eyelids and inside my ears, and scratching made me bleed from the head like a medieval plague victim.

Is it my fair complexion? Do I smell different than other people? Does my blood taste/ smell better, like Sookie on True Blood or Bella in Twilight?

Why does our blood taste so much better than everyone else's, Bella and Sookie?

Whatever the case, here is my advice: DEET bug spray is your only option. Last summer, I tried a variety of alternatives, including vanilla extract, dryer sheets worn on my head, citronella oil and (least effective of all) not using anything and hoping to develop an immunity. ONLY BUG SPRAY WITH DEET WORKS.

You can try children's strength, which is less concentrated but still effective. I also plan to try one of these things, which emits some sort of bug spray nonstop as long as you wear it, but even that reminds me of citronella candles, which don't effectively prevent big bites on your whole body, just the bits immediately surrounding the candle. For instance, just today I got 5 big bites on my feet (including, worst of all, 2 on the soles of my feet) while sitting between.2 citronella candles the whole time I was there.

Another important consideration is that mosquito bites are not only itchy, but you can also get diseases from the mosquitos! Like West Nile Virus and malaria! So bugbites MUST BE PREVENTED!!
I guess covering yourself up is frugal too - bit still not as effective as bug spray with DEET in it. Again, for instance, despite wearing pants today, I still got 2 big bites on my thighs, as though the mosquitos actually flew up the legs of my pants to bite me there specifically. So, unless you wear a HAZMAT suit or space suit, covering is still not 100% effective.

You know what? This reminds me of the birth control issue. You can avoid many bites by just staying inside all the time (abstinence - but you may get bit if you have to run outside for some reason, like your cat ran away), you can avoid some bites by covering up an using citronella candles (condoms, birth control pills), but the best way to avoid bites is bug spray (IUD, getting your tubes tied).

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put some nail polish on my bugbites (this makes them not itch- FRUGAL TIP!)

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