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How many kitchen tools do you really need?

So, while I was away on my top-secret vacation recently, I got to visit my favourite store of all: Williams-Sonoma. I feel like if Williams-Sonoma was actually my kitchen, my life would be basically complete.

Can this be my kitchen, plz? KTHXBYE

It's amazing how you can go from being content with like, a paring knife and a spatula, and then one trip to this store leaves me realizing that my kitchen would be incomplete without about two dozen highly specialized tools.

But where do you draw the line? One of my friends is totally content with one sharp knife and a corkscrew. I have several knives and a few gadgets - mainly ones for dishes that I frequently prepare. I think the secret is to think about what you do lots and maybe buy a tool just for that - but it's so easy to get carried away. FOR EXAMPLE:

Avocado tool...
Or just use a knife and a potato masher?
Panini spatula...
Or just regular spatula?

Mustard scoop...
Or spoon?

Toast tongs...
or fingers?
I don't know. Do even professional chefs have one special spatula for each kind of food flipping, or just one? Could they make do with one or two? Do you need a separate melon baller, strawberry huller, lemon zester, and a pizza wheel?

Or just like, a knife and a corkscrew? How many kitchen utensils do you have at home?

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