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How the internet can save you money AND time

Guest Post! Today's post is from Jennifer Dunham Luby of Second City Soiree and You Know You Love Fashion fame.

An Ode to the Internet

I'm pretty much attached to some sort of web-enabled device 24 hours a day, so it's no surprise that when I need something, my first instinct is stand up and purposefully shout "TO THE INTERNET!"

It's a lot like this, only replace the batmobile with a MacBook.
Also, I would never wear head-to-toe lycra.
Here are a few frugal online resources I've recommended time and time again:

1) Instead of Photoshop (or its WAY cheaper little bro Photoshop Elements) try Pixlr for all your layering and photo doctoring needs.

2) Speaking of the doctor, if you've got a mild - but annoying - case of the sniffles, try a quick self-diagnoses on WebMD's Symptom Checker (It goes without saying that you should see an *actual* doctor if things seem really out of whack. Trust your gut. Especially when it hurts.)

3) And speaking of health, get healthy with Spark People in lieu of a personal trainer. You can track your food intake, weight, get meal plans, do workout videos, and get group support for FREE!

4) Need to add up all those savings for tax time? Instead of an accountant, use free tax software like Turbotax. Cha-ching!

Which online resources do you guys use to save money?

About the author: Jennifer Dunham Luby is a lifestyle and home entertaining expert who has shared her expertise on the Huffington Post, MSNBC/, Crain's Chicago, WGN-TV, FM-News 101, and Real Simple. Jen is the founder and editor-in-chief of and

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