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DOS and DON'TS of travelling the Shopping Detox way

Back from vacay, 100% less tan than this lady!

So I just got back from a top-secret trip. (You may have noticed that there were suddenly a bunch of amazing guest posts happening here... and that is why! And weren't the guest posts soooo good? If you want to submit a guest post LET ME KNOW ANYTIME because you are all post-writing genius machines)

Anyway, I did my best to travel in frugal style. But the thing is - travel is fun time, right? So you don't want to live in the exact same frugal way as your normal life, because there's time for some indulgences. So, here are some commandments you can follow (or not) based on my recent trip:

DO use public transportation
It can be daunting to navigate a new city and tempting to pay up for taxis - but subways and buses can be quite straightforward to use. Or, if you get totally lost, it can be a fun adventure. Anyway, the live-saving Google Maps has a transporation thing so you can just type in where you're going and it tells you how to get there on public transpo.

DON'T overpack

I'm a tooootal overpacker, so this is very challenging. For some reason when packing, I'm like "Oh, ths sundress that I haven't worn in three years! What if I want to wear it while I'm away? And obviously I need three pairs of identical shorts. Wait, why is my suitcase so full?"

Most airlines only let you check one bag, so if you bring too much stuff, that costs more. I tried bringing along also a very small suitcase, to keep me from buying too much stuff while on hols - similar to going grocery shopping with just a hand basket, to limit how much stuff you buy.

DO catch up with friends over food and drink
Just because you're on holiday, doesn't mean your friends are, too. They still have jobs and other responsibilities, so mealtimes are generally the best time to get together. Just because you don't typically go out for dinner more than once a week (or a month, or every 6 months or whatever) catching up with friends is an OK THING TO DO when on holidays. Plus, you get to try out fancy new restaurants, which is never not fun.

DON'T eat out for every meal
(or on the airplane or in the airport!)

Vacation spots have grocery stores, so you can always pick up snacks on the go and make your own sandwiches, etc (esp. if your hotel has a mini fridge you can access). And EXTRA DON'T buy food on the airplane or in the airport - crazy expensive, similar to movie theatre food. Bring stuff from the grocery store for the airport.

What are your tips for travelling in a frugal, yet fun, manner?

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