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100% Spoiler Free Gone Girl Link Luuurve

You may have noticed I haven't blogged in a day, which is very unlike me. Why? THIS BOOK!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has completely hijacked my life for the past 3 days

Have you read this book yet? Have you, like me, had your lives temporarily hijacked as you read it walking down the street and at every meal, busting out the book in every conversational lull, eschewing quality time with loved ones to SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

This book, you guys. THIS BOOK!!!!

All I can tell you is that it's about a couple in their 30s, Nick and Amy, and on the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. It's told in alternating chapters from Nick and Amy's perspectices and it's FULL ON BANANACRAZYPANTS OH MY GOD THIS STORY.

Just read it. Seriously. Because then I'll have someone to talk to about it, because there are EXPLOSIVE PLOT TWISTS such that I can't say anything to anyone who hasn't finished it yet, in fear that I will spoil the adventure for them.

So, yeah. READ IT. SERIOUSLY. RIGHT NOW. Then, come back and read the link luuurve (100% SPOILER FREE, OBVS):

Amy (dream casting: Reese Witherspoon)
I really can't say much of anything without getting into spoiler territory, so all I can tell you is that Amy is a) Nick's wife, b) was raised very rich, and c) is very beautiful. As such, I doubt she would ever need to read the great tips in Life Goes Strong's post about cutting your own hair.

Nick (dream casting: Patrick Wilson)
Nick is Amy's husband. He writes pop culture articles for magazines. He is from Missouri. I don't recall anything about him cooking in the book (THAT IS NOT A SPOILER, HE'S JUST BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS) but who couldn't use some advice from Mama Gail about saving money while cooking?

Margo (dream casting: Rosemarie DeWitt)
Margo is Nick's twin sister. She is co-owner of a bar called The Bar. I'm sure she'd totally enter to win one of the supercute blogoversary items from Find Me Frugal(er), because who wouldn't?? OWL NECKLACE!

Rand and Marybeth
(dream casting: Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep)
Rand and Marybeth are Amy's parents. They are psychologists and very much in love with each other, so I think they could be very reassuring to Fabulously Fru-Girl, who was mistaken for her own mother. And also her friend's mother. Gah! People should never say anything to strangers, ever!!

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