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Retro post: Buying clothes for my imaginary life

I have never been invited to a black-and-red retro commedia dell'arte themed costume party.
And if and when I am, I probably own enough black and red stuff I won't need to buy a new outfit.

So, last November, I wrote this post: Day 330: My (fake) very busy social calendar of fabulous martini parties. The post is about how sometimes you see something so gorgeitrons in a store that you want it IMMEDIATELY SO BAD but when you think about, there are no real-world situations in which to wear it.

But then your brain thinks, but what if such an occasion suddenly presents itself, and I don't own this dress? What if I'm invited to a back in time party at Sterling Cooper Draper Price with a Swan Lake theme and I don't have anything to wear? I NEED THIS DRESS JUST IN CASE!!

This one would be more for a Game of Thrones/Swan Lake/Studio 54 party.

This lurking imaginary fabulous life rears its head less often now than it did a year ago, but still sometimes does. For instance, today I briefly considered buying some bright yellow - and then some bright blue - eyeshadow. But then I thought to myself, "Self, do you ever even wear eye shadow? And when you do, isn't it usually nude colour?" Touche, self.

I wear mascara everyday, occasionally a pinkish lipgloss, sometimes a black eyeliner, and that's about it. If and when I'm invited to a "wear your favourite primary colours as eyeshadow" party, then and only then will I buy this eyeshadow.

So anyway. My advice is: keep in mind your actual life and your actual style when shopping. Don't buy stuff just in case you are invited to a strange and obscure fake event that won't ever actually happen.

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