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Jour 180: I got 99 problems but a phone ain't one

Hello? Awesome calling!

Remember how I went 99 days without a cell phone? It turned out to be 102 days... ending THIS MORNING! Yes, friends, I got a phone today! It's a smartphone! It has apps on it! And a camera! And a functioning phone mechanism! Le sigh. I feel like a part of the world again.

Le sigh.

Anyway, since I'm a frugal lady and all, I didn't go cray-cray and spend lots of money on this deal. Check it:

- it's an iPhone 4, which is on promo now for $0 on a three-year contract. The newer iPhones are fancier and whatever, but you guys. I went from having a flip phone to no phone to this. It's an upgrade, amiright?

Booty call!

- because I switched into a bundle with my internet/cable/landline, I will now be saving $10 a month on cable just for having a cell phone

- the friendly saleslady waived the $25 activation fee because I was switching to her carrier, and instead gave me a $25 credit on my bill. Saving money by spending money!

But enough of that already. What are the best apps for being frugal? Or for saving money? Or for AWESOME FUN TIMES?

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