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Jour 178: Not available due to tornado

An actual picture of an actual storm cloud over Saskatoon! (picture not by me)
Hey guys! I was fully prepared to write a blog yesterday (Jour 178) and then suddenly the power went out! I was like, "It's ok! I have a battery in my laptop!" but then I had to be reminded that my internet was not available due to the STORM.

And again today, there's a tornado watch, so I need to write this quickly in case things go cray-cray.

An actual storm hitting Saskatoon. Seriously. Storms are INTENSE here on the prairies.


1) My trusty land-line phone still worked, although you aren't really supposed to use the phone during thunder and lightning. That may sound like an urban myth, but one of my coworkers actually had her phone line fried because she was on the phone during a storm. So, quick conversations.

2) My laptop had a fully charged battery, luckily, so I carried it around like a flashlight in order to track down my bike light and iPod (more portable flashlight substitutes)

3) How is it that cats are so magic they run and hide 10 seconds before the thunder crash? I think it's the whiskers.

So anyway. I was going to blog yesterday, but ACT OF GOD got in the way. So here's my belated TORNADO post.

(PS - the tornado never actually hit. But there's another one right now and who knows? It's keeping me from going grocery shopping, which is annoying)

(PSS - my lights just flickered! Posting this quick while I can...)

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