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Jour 177: Brave Link Love

Princess Merida: a new role model for anyone with frizzy hair

Just got back from the a-mah-zing new movie Brave and I have to say, even if I wasn't a redhead with a weakness for kick-ass female movie characters, I'd still say this is THE BEST EVER. Princess Merida is hilarious, strong, vulnerable and clever all at once, and her  mother is also a great character. Has there ever been an animated movie where the mother wasn't killed off before?

Between this and The Hunger Games, I wouldn't be surprised to see that there's a sudden spike in interest for young girls to take archery lessons.

Linky dinks

There haven't been this many redheads in a single movie since the Weasleys in the Harry Potter films. Ginger power!

As the heir to the throne, Merida is expected to marry a man other people choose for her. She yearns for things to change, which is why (if the internet had been around) I can just see her forwarding her parents to Add Vodka's post about how to cope with change.

Merida's most notable physical feature is her wild, unruly mane of gorgeous orangey/red curls. Another famous animated redhead - Daria - is returning to MTV and I share Twen-Teen's enthusiasm about this development!

Part of growing up as a princess means that Merida is forced to squeeze into too-tight clothes for formal occasions. She finds this unpleasant, which means she'd probably share Mochi & Macarons' confusion with how much fashion bloggers seem to spend on clothes.

There's a lot of great food in this movie (save for the haggis), including tarts and cookies and roast beast and fish. I'm always on the lookout for great new recipes, and this gluten-free banana pancake recipe from My Half Dozen Daily has shot to the top of my must-try list!

On the topic of fresh, delish food, I really appreciated Modern Gal's post about making the most of the farmer's market. Lots of blogs encourage us to go to farmer's markets, but this post answers a lot of questions about where to start and what's best to buy there.

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