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Jour 176: How to stay frugally fabulous even when it's hot out

Bonjour, summer!

It's SO HOT everywhere at the moment, from what I can tell. I don't know, I've been sitting here in front of my fan and I feel OK.

Here are some blog posts to help get you through the summer without melting or spending too much money (and while looking frugally fabulous!):

The Lauren Conrad guide to summer fabulosity
This California frugal icon lives and breathes summery fashion amazingness, so I've compiled a bunch of her tips for this guide to summer amazingness (including making a lipstain from fresh berries and pomegranate seeds!)

How to stay stylish when you feel like a**
Braids + minimal makeup + sunglasses = perfection

Best frugal recipes for summertime eats
Including pudding pops and homemade lemonade!

Frugal bug repellent options 

Last summer, I was being eaten alive by mosquitos. I'm wary about using DEET, so I tried some alternative options for bug repellent, including wearing a dryer sheet on my head. Spoiler: that didn't work at ALL.

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