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Jour 175: Help me win Gail's contest!


Hey you guys!

So, my BFF Gail Vaz-Oxlade is holding a contest where you need to share a money story. At first, I was like "I don't have any money stories to share oh noes!!" but then I realized I've been writing money stories this whole time. But which one to choose?

This is where you guys come in! The deadline is SUNDAY and I need you to help me choose which one should be my entry:

#1: A credit card is not an income: a post from last year about how I used to be bad with credit cards, until I realized that it's not real money, it's fake money.

#2: The time I won the lottery: about when my Dad won some lottery money, gave it to me, and I spend my part on Archie comics and gum.

#3: A story of free(ish) furniture: about how I furnished my apartment using almost entirely donated free furniture and the kindness of strangers!

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