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Jour 172: The hidden costs of moving

La la la. Love my apartment. La la la

So, remember a few days ago when I came home and there was a notice saying a) it was time to sign a new lease on my apartment and b) the rent is going up $25/month?

You guys were soooo superhelpful, reminding me of the hidden, insidious costs of moving - which would, chances are, cost more than the rent increase.

But then SURPRISE! I looked at the letter more carefully and noticed it's not for my apartment, it's for my upstairs neighbour! My lease isn't up until the end of August! I can live in blissful denial until then, pretending like my rent won't go up. Maybe it won't?

La la la. Living in denial. La la la.

A few of you commented that I could try writing a letter to the landlord company to see if they can lower the rent increase... which I think I might try. I have been a good tenant (i.e. the cops haven't shown up mysteriously at my door, I don't routinely scream obscenities while playing very loud videogames, or have a strong pot smell emanating from under my door... like a few of my beloved neighbours).

Another great idea is to budget out how much I could save by moving... and then find a way to redo my finances to save that much while staying here. FOR INSTANCE:

If I moved, it would cost (movers) + (renting a truck) + (snacks for the team) + (new cable etc. hookups) + (misc). But, say I found a cheaper apartment (like, downgrading to a bachelor from my current one bedroom), so I saved $100/month on rent. But maybe I'd move somewhere where utilities cost more. And maybe I'd be really unhappy living there, so I'd be stressed, which would make me buy (nail polish x 10 bottles/month). And then I'd feel bad about that, making me purchase and the eat (chocolate covered gummi bears x 10 packs/month).

La la la. My view is slightly more of a parking lot/dumpster than this, but whatevs. La la la.

So it would actually cost MORE to move. Kinda. Kinda-ish.

What I will endeavour to do is think, I could be saving say $50/month if I moved to a cheaper place. To make up the difference, I'll try and cut $50/month from my current spending, and put that against my debt. So it's like saving money while staying in my beloved apartment! Win/win! (...ish)

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