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Jour 171: Happy Birthday Gail Vaz-Oxlade!


As you are all no doubt aware, today is the birthday of my BFF Gail Vaz-Oxlade. (No, really, she said it's OK for me to call her my BFF)

It is unclear to me why this is not a stat holiday and I had to go to work today. Do I need to start some sort of petition? I mean, we get the day off for the Queen's birthday, right?

Mama Gail, Queen of Financial Responsibility

Anywhoodle, Mama Gail has been a giant source of inspiration to me in finally sorting out my finances while having fun at the same time. She is also the least yell-y finance expert currently on TV.

In honour of GVO, I had a no spend day (also known as: a rainy day when I packed my lunch and came right home after work, so what did I even have time to buy?). And also in honour of Gail, here is a post from a long time ago, when I first heard of her and adopted her as my BFF and Life Mentor.

This is how she looks when I blog about how I bought, for instance, the entire Hunger Games nail polish line instead of paying down my debt more. Sorry :(

In other news, I made my first chai concentrate and will taste it tomorrow (it's too late in the day for chai lattes at the moment), I'm still soldiering along with my Camp Nanowrimo novel (27494/50000 words written HELL YEAH!), and I get to join the land of people with cell phones in only NINE DAYS!!!!


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