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Jour 167: Should I pay more rent, or move somewhere cheaper?

My apartment isn't exactly like Don Draper's Manhattan pad... but it's not entirely unlike it.

So, I got home to the delightful news that the rent is going up on my apartment. Not by lots, just $25 a month. I thought for 0.000001 of a second "That's it! I'm moving to a cheaper apartment! I will save so much money!"

But then I remembered that moving is THE WORST.



I've lived in my (gorgeous, amazing) apartment for 2 years of bliss. Before that? 5 apartments in 3 years. I MOVED FIVE TIMES IN THREE YEARS. The thought of folding up boxes and stockpiling packing paper makes my inner goddess break out in hives. (Fifty Shades of Grey shoutout!)

But seriously, I hate packing. I could move to a cheaper apartment that I maybe like as much but seriously? I'm willing to pay an extra $25/month (that's $300 a year) to NOT have to move. It's like, would you pay $25/month to NOT have to cut off your own hand? Same thing.


All that being said, I know my rent is a bit more than I could be paying. If my rent was less, I'd have way more money to pay off on my debt. Buuuut in this instance? It's one of those things I'm willing to put up with. If I needed to further rationalize this decision, I'd say that I don't have a car and so the money I would be paying on gas/insurance, I pay on peace of mind and being comfy in my apartment.

And blah blah I know there's the whole "is renting better?" thing, and I've blogged about that before. For me, right now, it's not a question of renting vs. buying. For numerous reasons, I'm not interested in buying right now and totally get that other people are into that.

Would you guys move to a cheaper apartment if you were me? TRICK QUESTION. Because if you were me, you'd think like me, and you wouldn't move out of your apartment unless someone pried it from your cold, dead hands.


Janey Canuck said...

So this is only the second post I've ever read on your blog (the first being your birthday wishes to our mutual BFF, Gail) so I feel a bit bold commenting on this but here I go anyway...

Do you plan on hiring movers or buying boxes or renting a truck or anything like that? Price out what it will cost you to physically move and see how it stacks up to what you are paying now. Then, check what your expenses will be if you move to a less expensive place - will you need to start taking transit or have increased utilities because the new place is a dark, dreary hole that'll cost you twice as much to heat?

Basically - budget it out. If there's significant savings, either move or trim that amount from another area in your budget so you can stay in your place & save more. I once had an awesome apartment that I'd swore I'd never leave (I had a TURRET) so I know exactly where you're coming from.

Annabelle said...

Love the idea of budgeting it out! In fact, I think that may be the topic of my next blog post. (PS - A TURRET??? SO JEALOUS)

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