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Jour 166: The frugal messages of 5 random songs

So, because I'm writing a 50000 word novel in a month sadistically committed to posting every single day always full of good ideas, and because I'm much more obsessed with music than you'd think from this blog (where I almost never talk about it), I present the frugal messages of 5 songs that randomly came up on my iTunes.

1. Hymn From a Village by James

This includes the repeated phrase "Go and read a book it's so much more worthwhile." And... word. Reading a book is the ideal frugal pastime, especially reading library books, which are ALWAYS FREE! Those are the most frugal! Even late fees cost less than buying a new book!

2. Polly by Nirvana

Eek! This is a creepy one to make a silly joke about, since it's about kidnapping and murder and grisly things, and it's only in my iTunes from awhile back when I was writing a book about a girl who was kidnapped. Anyway, I will say that the repeated lyric "Polly wants a cracker" can be considered frugal, since crackers are a fairly inexpensive snack.

3. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan

I have attached the Miley Cyrus cover of this song because, apparently, there is no video in human existence of Bob Dylan singing this song. And also because I like Miley. OK, seriously? I'm not doctoring this random shuffle at all, but these songs make  me seem a lot more cultured than I really am. (e.g. the most played songs in my iTunes include numerous songs by The Pussycat Dolls, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry) Anyway, I believe this wound up in my iTunes when I was reading Juliet Naked, which is about a fictional Bob Dylan-ish musician and I wanted to know what his music sounded like. Anyway, Bob mumbles something like, "I could stay with you forever and never realize the time." And it's frugal not to have a clock, because clocks need batteries, which cost money. Except for wind-up clocks. I have no idea. Moving on...

4. Lonely Town/Dance: Lonely Town from On The Town

This song is in my iTunes as a leftover from my old life as a musical theatre fan. OK, I'm still into very old cheesy musicals, but as evidenced by my apathy at this past weekends' Tony Awards, I'm not as devoted as I used to be. Anyway, this is being sung by a sad sailor on short leave. The lyric: "a town's a lonely town when you pass through and there is no one waiting there for you," makes me think about when I first moved to Saskatoon, and I wandered around randomly and didn't know anybody and bought a lot of crap. Because being in stores made me feel semi-at home. And loneliness makes me shop too much. Heh, so you'd think that now that I have friends and an apartment, I wouldn't shop as much BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

5. Candela by the Buena Vista Social Club

This song is in there because it's from a mix CD my friend made for me circa 2002. And it's in Spanish. And I don't know what they're singing about. But it's fun to dance to, and dancing around your house to fun music is frugal (and also good exercise!)

Seriously, I can't believe nothing by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or Taylor Swift came up on this. My musical taste is really not this varied, or fancypants. Thanks for making me look cool, iTunes shuffle!

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