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Jour 165: The Chai Latte Experiment

Luuuurve chai lattes.

The hypothesis: that making my own chai latte will be cheaper, healthier and tastier than purchasing one from a coffeeshop.

The experiment: trying out three different recipes for chai concentrate to see if the hypothesis is true.

The test subjects:

Chai concentrate recipe A: a basic top-secret recipe from a coffee shop owner I happen to know. Includes peppercorns, fresh ginger, cardamom whole pods, cinnamon sticks, and tea bags (obviously).

Chai concentrate recipe B: includes all of the above + star anise pods.

Chai concentrate recipe C: includes all of the above + orange zest, nutmeg.

I will update you on my progress. Today, I picked up peppercorns, star anise, cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks from the Bulk Barn ($3.24 total!) and tomorrow I'll get fresh ginger and some vanilla almond milk to begin my delicious taste tests.

Never before have I found science so mouth-watering.

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