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Jour 164: Cooking with ingredients, again, some more

Daisy from Downton Abbey and I are total kitchen soulmates these days.
I mean, apart from her astonishing stupidity.

So, more than a year ago, I wrote this post: Cooking With Ingredients. Every time I think that I haven't changed or learned anything, I read a post like that and realize that I have grown doing this Shopping Detox project. When I wrote that post, I was excitedly purchasing ingredients to cook proper food using ingredients.

And now, months and months later, cooking has become one of my most favourite pastimes. However, I am still constantly tempted by the amazing food that I see posted on Pinterest which leads me to buy lots of strange ingredients that I use once and then forget about (i.e. sardine paste, tahini) or packages of perishable ingredients that I only use a portion of (bags of avocados, packages of ginger root).

It also takes so long to dry all my dishes with my apron.
Plus, my knees hurt from sitting like this all the time.
Oh wait, I don't do that.
The other tricky part of all of this is, as much as I really love cooking, I am still a ridiculously picky eater. This used to hurt my mother's feelings, when I refused to eat whatever dish she'd spent a long time preparing. But it was never anything personal against her! I also refuse to eat dishes in restaurants that paid chefs spend lots of time cooking! And now that I like cooking and baking, I wind up throwing out a lot of food that I enthusiastically cook and then don't like.

The other thing that happens is that, since I don't live with another human, I make a full recipe amount of something and wind up with so many leftovers it spoils before I finish it all. And so the reasonable thing to do would be to half or cut the recipe in a quarter - but then it becomes insane, using like 1/2 teaspoon of sardine paste, which still needs me to buy a full tube of it (yes, it comes in a tube).

I doubt the adorable Blake Lively eats all the stuff she bakes, either.
But like me, baking and cooking is apparently one of her great passions.
... so does this mean I can her hair like her if I learn to make creme brulee cupcakes?

So, it's still a learning process. That being said, my new habit of making delicious smoothies is helping out quite a bit, since strawberries that are a bit overripe for eating as a snack are still perfectly delicious mashed up in a smoothie. Likewise bananas that have gotten brown on the edges.

To that end, I currently own a food processor, hand blender, and a traditional blender. There is nothing I can't puree - including chickpeas, which I whipped up today in the food processor to make these chickpea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies which are SO. GOOD.


My next plan is to make my own chai concentrate, which means I need to buy star anise and cardamom pods, which sound exotic but which are apparently sold at the Bulk Barn. If it works, it will be SO EXCITING to have my own chai concentrate on hand, for less than the cost of a Starbucks drink!

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