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Jour 162: Prometheus Link Love

Noomi Rapace & co. have a no good, very bad day in Ridley Scott's Prometheus

So, I went to see Prometheus this weekend. This is not a film I would necessarily have attended on my own accord, but you know when someone else is so excited about something, you start to get excited about it, too? In preparation, I had seen the first Alien film a few weeks ago. Also in preparation, I listened to the Slate Spoiler Special Podcast about this film (because I like to know the stories of things before I go to them).

With all of the prep, how was the movie? I was surprised how much I got caught up in it. There was a lot of suspense, not as much gore/action as you might imagine, and Charlize Theron in another super-bitchy villainess role (after her scene-stealingness in Snow White and the Huntsman). It's a fun one to see in 3-D, and probably better suited for a big screen than watching it at home. My review is essentially, it's OK, better than Snow White and the Huntsman, but won't be winding up on my list of fav movies.

That being said: Michael Fassbender AND Idris Elba are both in it, so there is no lacking of gorgeous eye candy. And for those who prefer women's physiques, Charlize has a stunning moment in a white bikini while Noomi Rapace runs around in a white bikini and her blood and sweat only make her look somehow even cuter.

Link love!

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)
Elizabeth is an adorable archaeologist pixie who has only the best of intentions when she sets off to find  the source of humanity. Things take a turn for the HORRIBILIFTICUS, because this movie takes place in the same universe as the Aliens movies. Although she didn't plan for any of the awful things to happen, she makes do quite resourcefully. However, she probably could have benefitted from some worst-case-scenario-pre-planning, as Frugalista has done in this list of affordable way to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

Meredith Vickers (played by Charlize Theron)
Meredith may be gorgeous on the outside, but her personality is uber-businesslike and with very little sympathy for anyone else. Someone this efficient would surely be a fan of this list of personal finance apps from Everything Finance. (I'm saving this list for when I get a smartphone later this month myself! Then I can get my Meredith Vickers Queen Bitch Efficiency Queen on)

David (played by Michael Fassbender)

David is a (INCREDIBLY HOT AND DAPPER) robot, which means that he doesn't feel human emotion. So I think he'd be confused why people spend so much on weddings, which is why he (and I - though I'm not an android) responded so well to Thirty Six Months post about why she dislikes wedding season. She (and I, and David... OK I'm not sure about David) aren't against love or marriage, obviously, we're just annoyed by expensive weddings where the guests are expected to fly there AND provide a costly gift to a couple who don't really need that much stuff.

Idris Elba's character (played by Idris "Stringer Bell" Elba)

I forget this character's name, but Idris Elba plays the (INCREDIBLY HOT AND SEXY) captain of the spaceship. He's also very practical, as opposed to the other characters, which is why he'd agree with Sustainable Personal Finance's argument that "no more lattes" rarely works when it comes to getting a handle on your finances. Like SPF, Idris Elba would be like, "If a little coffee prevents someone from going crazy in this insane world, they hey, let 'em have it."

Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce)

Weyland, who is actually dead but appears in holographic form at the beginning of the movie, is obsessed with living forever, which makes me think he probably eats very well. He's also extremely old, so he probably can't bike to the farmer's market every weekend. Which is why he's probably enjoy using a service like Fresh n Local, a new business that delivers local food here in Saskatoon! I found out about this from the Wanderlust and Words blog, a must-read for any Saskatoon foodie.

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