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Jour 159: Retro Shopping Detox fabulosity

Like Helen Gurley Brown, I'm busy being a glamorous lady writer
(hair curlers and all)

For most of this month, I'll be featuring a random assortment of my previous posts. Because really, have any of you read all 523 posts? And to that one wonderful person who has, isn't it time for a trip down memory lane?

OK, also I'm writing a novel this month as part of Camp NaNoWriMo and my brain can only offer so much creativity.

However, rather than calling these posts reruns, I prefer to think of them as Retro Posts. I got the idea for the moniker from the other blog I write for, You Know You Love Fashion. On that site, we recap the fashion from new TV shows as well as take trips down memory lane for some shows gone by. For instance, this summer, we'll be writing fashion recaps for Sex and the City. So... that's something else that will be using up my finger muscles and joke brain.

To make this month EVEN MORE FUN, I will be selecting the retro posts by using a random number generator to find a post from 2011. Today's post is... Day 78: $6.97 Pants!

It's about how I pulled together an outfit for a 1930s costume party on basically $0.

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