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Jour 157: The Lauren Conrad guide to summertime fabulosity

Lauren Conrad, Patron Saint of Summertime Fabulosity, photographed for Glamour magazine

Have you guys been keeping up with Frugal Icon Lauren Conrad and her Beauty Department website? Girlfriend is working overtime providing your guide to the perfect summer.

Over at her blog, she's outlined a plan to get bikini-ready that seems almost do-able (if I lived anywhere near any sort of beach and/or didn't have the kind of skin tone that develops sunburn looking at bikinis in store windows, I might even try this plan). Then, over on the Beauty Department she gives a recipe to make lip stain that lasts for THREE DAYS and is made out of BERRIES. I finally learned how to do a fishtail braid from her tutorial. And to top it all off, she continues to publish tips for how to behave in a ladylike manner, over on her blog.

Who knew that little LC from The Hills would grow up to be this thrifty cool-aunt to the entire internet? PS - can't wait for her new book, Lauren Conrad Beauty to come out in the fall!!

This post paid for by: I <3 Lauren Conrad and that must be why I, like, apparently have absorbed her speech patterns so now I sound like her when I talk. I know, right?

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