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Jour 156: How to look good when it's windy outside

Not gonna lie, I'm feeling very much like Annabelle of Windy Poplars these days.

I don't know about where you live, but out here on the Wild Canadian Prairies, it's been a mix of gorgeous sunny weather and crazy rainstorms. The only commonality is the INSANE WIND. Here, I present some strategies to get through this sort of thing with your sense of style intact.

This is an issue for myself and any other person who gets themselves looking nice at home, and then has to either a) walk to work or b) bike to work or c) wait for the bus or d) go outside at all.

(And because this is a frugal blog, these are all cost-effective, obvs.)

1. The Hair

Wildblown hair can be cute and have that je ne sais quoi. (See: Brigitte Bardot and any French woman ever for examples). But this is stylish, artificially achieved windblown-ness. How can you keep from getting that Bridget Jones convertible hair when you're out in a windstorm?


For real, you guys. You need to lock and load your hair. Don't even attempt bangs, unless your hair is naturally stick-straight and you never have to flat-iron. Just tuck your hair up into an impenetrable sock bun, pin back the bangs, and brave the winds.

Once you reach your destination, your bun will be cutely dissheveled so you can keep it in, or toss your hair out in a sexy Librarian type manner.

"But... you're beautiful!"

This works esp. well if your hair is slightly damp when you head out, so that it dries in the sock bun leaving you with luscious curls to reveal upon arriving at your destination.

2. The Skirt

Marilyn Monroe famously stood on top of a subway grate in The Seven Year Itch. If you want to channel your inner Marilyn, follow her lead and wear ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS UNDERPANTS. If you'd rather be more modest, I'd suggest two options:

- Tights AND a heavy weight skirt. The tights ensure your modesty is preserved, while the heavy material ensures that the skirt won't fly up too high. Check out Frugal Icon Kate Middleton, totally unfazed by a sudden gust of wind:

Tights + heavy weight coatdress = modesty preserved

- Don't wear a flared skirt. Pencil skirts are your friends in the wind, since there isn't enough fabric to fly up and expose your knickerbockers.

- Tape three nickels to the inside of your skirt (in triangle configuration). This will weigh down your skirt enough that, even if it blows a little, you won't get full-on Marilyn Monroe underpants revealing action. Bonus: you finally have a use for all of those nickels piling up around your house uselessly!

3. The Face

But what does wind do to your makeup? you might wonder. Actually, wind can do a number of attractive things to your face - making your cheeks flush red (saving the cost of blush!) and making your lips chapped (saving the cost of lipstain!).

In fact, what can happen in the wind is that your hair can stick to your lacquered lips (yes, even if it's in a sockbun scenario - it only takes out stray hair to stick to your lips). My advice? Don't apply lip product until you're indoors.

If only Glee's Emma Pillsbury had read this article!

4. Weigh yourself down

Had Dorothy been carrying a heavier basket, The Wizard of Oz would have turned out very differently.

This is particularly important if you are a little, wee person OR if you're on a bike. My mother, who is a little wee person, carries a very heavy bag when it's windy out, to help keep her from being swept away. You can also use a backpack (weighted down with frugal things such as a home-packed lunch or a hardcover novel borrowed from the Library) to weigh yourself down, esp. on a bike, esp. on a windy bridge situation.

Stay safe, you guys!

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