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Jour 155: Snow White and the Huntsman Link Luuurve

So, I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday and my overall opinion is... meh. Kristen Stewart was really great in it, the look of it was fabulous (Charlize Theron's Evil Queen eye makeup was to DIE FOR), but the plot was a bit meandering and the whole thing was 20-30 mins too long.

That being said, Chris Hemsworth is GORGEOUS and it's worth seeing just for the awesome set decoration, special effects, costumes and hair.

With that in mind, I present this week's...

Link Luuurve!

Snow White, in this movie, is a super-ferosh warrior princess you don't want to cross. Since she essentially graduates from being a young girl to a WARRIOR QUEEN in the course of this movie, Frugal Dad's list of gift ideas for frugal grads seems appropos.

The Evil Queen is a style SENSATION in this movie. Yes, she sucks out the souls of pretty young girls and pulls our peoples' hearts to maintain her looks but... the end results are hard to argue. If you want a little less homicide in your beauty routine, check out this peek into Shannyn from Frugal Beautiful's summer makeup bag (love that she includes the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette... the only eyeshadow you need, year-round, as far as I'm concerned) (Except for sparkley bright colours).

The Huntsman is a mess when we first see him - drunk and being kicked out of a pub. But, under Snow White's influence, he learns from his mistakes and really steps it up. Also he's super hot. In any case, I'd recommend that he reads Prairie Eco-Thrifter's list of small money mistakes that have big consequences.

The Prince is in this movie, too. I mean, he's not as hunky as the Huntsman, but he's awesome with a bow and arrow and is fiercely devoted to Snow. He, like everybody else in this movie, runs around all the time in gorgeous leather boots and I'm sure he'd appreciate A Thrifty Mrs' post about how to store your boots over the summer.

The 7 Dwarves (OK, yes, there are 8... at first) in this film are true survivors, and I think the last 7 dwarves left in the world after some sort of drawf genocide (... I had some trouble understanding the actors' British accents, but I think someone said something like that). Anyway, in their honour, here's Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks with a list of 6 ways to make instant noodles tastier. Not gonna lie, this post kinda makes me want to run out and buy some ramen and start experimenting.

But wait there's more!

Prairie Eco-Thrifter is celebrating their 2-year blogoversary with an a-mah-zing prize draw. First prize is an iPad 3! Need I say more? Click here to enter (deadline is June 6)

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