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Jour 154: New frugal hobbies for June! JUNEJUNEJUNE


Ahem, yes, so, it's June. I was thinking of doing some sort of June project thing, and then I happened upon the exciting new that the NaNoWriMo folks run Camp NaNoWriMo in the summer! So I'm going to write a novel, just like I did in November!

This is great news. When I don't know what to do and have time to spend, I wind up shopping. Now that I'm committed to writing 1667 words everyday in June, my free time should be spent on the ABSOLUTELY FREE act of novel-writing. It also doesn't hurt that I spend the last few months working on the outline for a new novel (and two sequels) so I already know what the story is going to be.

So, my first new frugal hobby is NOVEL WRITING.

Lauren Conrad is both super-cute, a hairstyling/makeup genius, a blogger AND a novel writer.
How hard can it be, right?

My second frugal hobby is inspired by a) warm summer weather and b) remembering how many workout clothes I have and c) how when I'm writing a novel, going for a run helps me sort out my thoughts. So yes, friends, I'm going to start RUNNING! I finally, finally cancelled my long-ignored $30/month gym membership and I will be running outside. This will help with writing, will give me an excuse to wear my nice workout clothes, and may help get me in shape. It's also good to get fresh air.

So, for June, I have no reason to do mindless shopping because if I'm not CREATIVE WRITING then I will be OUTSIDE RUNNING.

How do you guys distract yourself from shopping? And don't say house cleaning, because I haaaaate house cleaning.

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