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Jour 150: 5 things I've learned so far from this shopping detox

Hmm.. have I learned anything, besides how to find fabulous retro photos online?

So, I've been paying attention to my finances for about a year and a half now, which seems like as good a time as any to see how it's changed things for me.

1) I may still overspend, but I'm aware that I'm doing it and I choose to do it. I know that's not what I'm supposed to say, but accepting is the first step towards fixing something, right? I may not always spend my money like I should, but at least I notice when I mess up.

2) Packing lunch for work everyday is not that hard, really. The trick is to make a big batch of something (i.e. soup, or calzones, or even just some carrots and hummus) so there's not a lot to assemble in the morning.

3) I used to max out my credit card, then apply for more credit, then max that out - later, rinse repeat. I haven't requested a credit limit increase in 2 years - which is not as good as paying it all off, but better than getting deeper in to debt.

4) I'm more aware of what I own. Fun projects like 29 Days of Tights or 31 Days of Lipstick, or that time I made myself wear something new from my closet everyday have helped familiarize myself with what I own - and that eliminates a lot of temptation to buy new stuff.

5) I cook and bake way more frequently than I used to. Cooking has turned into one of my fave stress-busting hobbies, and I'm much more aware of how cheaper real ingredients can be!

How have you guys improved your financial situation? Any tips for me?

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